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Fascia Dynamics

Lumbo-pelvic Girdle

(Training module)

Work on fascia system through exercises 
Module 1- 28th Feb 2021
Module 2- 7th March 2021

Dr. Sandeep Biswas

Movement and fascia expert

12+ Years of Professional Experience.

Sandeep Biswas is the co-founder of Synchrony and Fascia Dynamics system. Sandeep came across Fascia based science while looking for a comprehensive way to connect movement mechanics. With an aim to build a result-oriented approach that considers the body as a single system and helps look into the global picture, he along with his associates put together the Fascia Dynamics System. 

Sandeep is a member of Fascia research society and also he is APTA certified clinical instructor



To assess various fascial patterns


Correlation of fascia with movement


Exercise based intervention to correct

lumbo-pelvic dysfunction

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