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Dry needling/ IMS

Dry needling is a modern medical technique to dramatically decrease pain, muscle tightness and improves general mobility of joints.

It is done by using a sterile monofilament needle. It is inserted through the skin into muscle, ligament, tendon, and trigger points causing a "twitch response" which feels like a cramp or ache. After the session, you can feel some muscle soreness which can last 24-48 hrs. Icing and stretching are helpful during this period.

Dry needling helps by quickly reducing muscle tension which further eases stress on joints and nerves, it enhances the body's ability to heal itself. Needing also induces the release of pain-relieving chemicals like serotonin and dopamine.

This therapy is generally used in combination with other manual therapy techniques and exercise to treat a variety of orthopedic and sports conditions like any acute or chronic pain, muscle spasm, knee pain, sciatica, cervical radiculopathy, muscle strain like in hamstring and many more. 

Dry needling

Kinesio taping

Taping is another tool in physiotherapy which has been used successfully in  rehabilitation program by therapist all over the world and helps improve the results significantly. At synchrony we do the following types of taping:

  • Kinesiology taping or k-taping

  • Mcconnell taping

  • Rigid taping

Taping is used for achieving different goals in different phases of a rehabilitation program. It is used to stabilize, facilitate a function or injury prevention and functional improvement.


Post surgical rehabilitation

Any surgery has its own short term secondary effects on the person who is going through it. A surgery can have desired effects if it's supported by a good rehabilitation program. It helps in avoiding secondary complications, faster recovery and regaining full fitness in the least possible duration. A subjective approach and a well designed rehabilitation program helps you come out of musculoskeletal surgeries like:

  • Upper limb surgeries- Rotator cuff, fracture stabilization, tendon transfer

  • knee surgeries- ACL Reconstruction, Meniscus repair, knee replacement, fracture stabilization.

  • fracture reduction and fixation

  • Spine surgery- disc prolapse, Lumbar fixation, scoliosis corrective surgeries.

At synchrony we follow the most recent protocols and have an accelerated approach to post surgery care. We believe movement is critical to healing and encourage protective mobility to prevent scar tissue build up, muscle adhesions and joint restrictions.

post surgery
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