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Chiropractic treatment for back pain

Chiropractic technique is a technique of moving or jolting joints, designed to relieve pressure on joints, reduce inflammation and improve nerve function. SMT is a hands-on treatment of the spine that includes both manipulation and mobilization.

In manual mobilizations, the therapist moves the patient’s spine within their range of motion by using slow passive movements, starting with a small range and gradually increasing to a larger range of motion.

On the other hand, chiropractic manipulation is a technique where the Chiropractor applies a specially directed manual impulse or thrust to a joint, at or near the end of the passive range of motion.

Chiropractic manipulation to the lumbar spine is a common intervention administered for patients with Low Back Pain. Chiropractic manipulation when used in patients with Low Back Pain has been shown to reduce spinal stiffness and cause short-term pain relief. A 2018 study by Dr. Margaux Honore’ of the University of Paris, which included 984 patients with Low Back Pain reported immediate pain improvements following spinal manipulation. A 2019 meta-analysis of clinical trials even suggested that SMT can improve motor responses and cause an increase in isometric muscle strength. In addition to its effects on pain and stiffness, Spinal manipulation has been shown to significantly decrease systolic and diastolic blood pressure.

Besides chiropractors and osteopaths, some physiotherapists also perform Spinal Manipulation, and it has been shown that the best way of using Spinal Manipulation is in combination with other therapeutic modalities such as Exercise Therapy.

Chiropractic manipulation, when used along with exercises, can help you to strengthen your core muscles as well as increase your flexibility.

Using chiropractic manipulation, you can also reduce your dependence on pain medication or opioids. Such medications often dull your mind, harm your internal organs, and can even leave you helplessly addicted to them in the process. Chiropractic can help you reduce your pain symptoms thereby reducing your need to take pain medications regularly.

If you have explored all your options to stop your pain and your only alternative is spinal surgery, which may or may not work, then you may want to consider spinal manipulation as an alternative before you set foot into an operating room. In most cases, Chiropractic Manipulation can reduce or eliminate your symptoms, and also help you in avoiding surgery for your back pain.

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