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Our Philosophy


At Synchrony our goal is to use our expertise and knowledge to achieve your health goals and the way we do it is very individual. We involve “you” to understand in detail your issues, how it affects you and what is needed to manage it, both in the short term and long term. We do this through a tailored 3 step plan which involves:

Comprehensive Assessment

Our assessment starts with carefully listening to your part of the story, followed by detailed  Orthopaedic and functional examination to fully understand your symptoms and recognise different dysfunctional patterns.



After concluding a diagnosis we will discuss all the treatment options and will explain and educate you of your problem. We will then put together a treatment plan which will be delivered through  our one on one session and individualised hands on therapies.


Maintenance Program

We strongly believe in empowering the patients to take control of their health. We therefore plan and prescribe exercise programs specially curated for you. Since the plans are custom tailored and progressed as per repeated assessment we take pride in them to keep you pain free and active.

Modern treatment techniques

We use the most modern physiotherapy techniques to ensure that even if your pain is old or new it is not treated by the old methods.

One on one session

We regard the practice of giving our full attention to one patient at a time. So we deliver sessions individually ensuring that you get the care that you deserve.

Quick recovery

It is imperative for us that together with your cooperation we are able to achieve a quick recovery and alongside ensuring that the pain does not return.

Detail explanation

We explain in detail about your problems without being to technical or using complicated medical jargons. So that you can take informed decision about your problem

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